Mishawaka, IN

Manufacturing - Vehicle Control (Wire & Cable) & Engineered Solutions

Mishawaka, IN

Our SMP Mishawaka, Indiana facility specializes in manufacturing bulk ignition cable and wire sets that are distributed to both traditional and non-traditional markets.

We take pride in our Mishawaka facility’s lean manufacturing practices. This 160,000 square-foot facility is IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certified and features the most automated wire manufacturing equipment. It employs a vertically integrated production process including custom silicone compounding, multi-core fabrication, inner jacketing, braiding and continuous vulcanization outer jacketing.

Our Mishawaka facility engineers and manufactures wire products for the original equipment, original equipment service, traditional automotive, high performance, industrial, marine and appliance markets.

Product quality, with reduced production costs, is maintained in each step of our process thanks to vertical integration. To alleviate inventory, many just-in-time and lean manufacturing strategies are applied for manufacturing products. To even further improve process and manufacturing flow, the plant holds three to four Kaizen ("continuous improvement") activities a year. Special market needs, including farm and industrial applications, are reviewed through our experienced Engineering staff located in Mishawaka and in our Edwardsville, Kansas facility.

Extensive testing at the Mishawaka facility includes UL, SAE and ISO performance tests, customer specific tests, product performance verification, product benchmarking, and silicone compound testing for tensile, tear, hardness, gravity, durometer and color.

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