St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Manufacturing - Temperature Control & Engineered Solutions

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Our Unimotor facility in Ontario, Canada specializes in manufacturing high-quality automotive temperature control motors.

As part of the SMP Temperature Control division, Unimotor, located in Ontario, Canada, specializes in manufacturing high-quality blower motors, cooling fan motors, brushless motors and condenser fan motors for the automotive aftermarket and as part of the SMP Engineered Solutions division manufactures products for Original Equipment, Original Equipment Service, Marine, RV, Military and Heavy Equipment Markets.

This modern 40,000 square-foot facility allows for numerous design capabilities including advanced 3D modeling, airflow performance and electrical magnetic interference. Our extensive testing and engineering allows development of new-model designs and allows us to solve unique application problems. 

All of the products produced at our facility are 100% tested for functional performance and operational noise (in a sound booth) before they are permitted to leave our facility. Every stage of product development and manufacturing is subject to extensive quality control inspections to ensure all engineering and quality requirements are met. The facility is registered to ISO 9001 standard and has implemented a QOS (Quality Operating System) committed to the continuous improvement of all business processes. 

Throughout the Unimotor facility, a conscientious effort is made to recycle fluids, metals and all other reusable materials. We recycle more than 80% of all waste generated throughout the facility. Waste and energy reduction plans are an important part of Unimotor's continuous improvement. The facility is registered to the ISO 14001 standard and is committed to meeting customer and regulatory requirements.

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