Pécel, Hungary

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Pécel, Hungary

Our Pécel, Hungary Stabil facility specializes in manufacturing high-quality vehicle control components.

This 34,000 square-foot facility in Pécel, Hungary joined SMP with our 2021 acquisition of Stabil. The plant is dedicated to the highest-quality manufacturing of vehicle control and other auxiliary automotive parts.

All parts from our Pécel facility are engineered and manufactured to the highest-quality original equipment and original equipment service standards. Our advanced capabilities also allow us to serve a variety of non-traditional markets like agricultural, industrial, commercial and heavy equipment, as well as passenger vehicle markets.

The plant is IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and serves as a basic design and engineering center for a variety of switches and sensors including speed, position, temperature and level — many of these being smart sensors. Additionally, this manufacturing center is responsible for a variety of electronics, functional modules and high-technology plastic parts. Injection molding, potting, curing, welding, hot-melt technology, PCB soldering, press fit and splicing are part of the vertically integrated manufacturing process.

All products manufactured at our Stabil Hungary facility go through a full spectrum of measurement and life testing in addition to a full range of environmental analysis that includes thermo shock, thermo cycling, salt spray, vibration and storage tests.

The Pécel facility supports SMP’s Engineered Solutions division (SMPEngineeredSolutions.com) that delivers custom-engineered solutions to vehicle and equipment manufacturers across diverse global end markets, including both on-highway and off-highway applications such as commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural equipment, power sports, and others.

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