Lewisville, TX

Temperature Control Headquarters and Distribution Center

Lewisville, TX

Our detailed forecast-to-demand process and collaborative customer planning allows our SMP Lewisville distribution center to consistently provide on-time shipping and high fill rates, even during the peak demand season.

The Temperature Control division facility covers 430,000 square feet and houses our Temperature Control corporate offices and warehouse distribution center. Utilizing advanced systems and technology, we create an accurate forecast of demand based on expectations presented by our expert in-house data analysts. The Lewisville distribution center is ISO 9001-certified. It maintains a firm grip on shipping and inventory control, efficiently processing and shipping more than $3 million in volume per day. When at capacity, during peak seasons, we regularly accommodate over 3,000 emergency orders per day.

A dedicated on-site packaging department allows the temperature control division to inventory in bulk and operate an efficient pack-to-order system serving many brands. Utilizing hands-free picking technology and RF system capabilities, orders are picked, consolidated, then audited for accuracy before getting shipped out on time.

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