Irving, TX

SMP Training Center

At our award-winning SMP Training Center in Irving, Texas, we lead the way in advanced diagnostics and hands-on training for the professional automotive technician.

Located only 10 minutes from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, SMP maintains a 14,000 square-foot facility that focuses on the design, development and delivery of Vehicle Control and Temperature Control training for aftermarket technicians and customer sales forces.

Developed by professionals focusing on the professional aftermarket technician, our training is customized to suit our technicians’ needs. We meet technicians face-to-face in the classroom, online and on social platforms to cover today’s hottest topics. There, we help them repair vehicles right the first time to be more successful and profitable. Equipped with the most current diagnostic equipment, this facility supports an 8,000 square-foot shop, two modern and comfortable classrooms, engineering testing, 360° catalog imaging, Temperature Control tech lines, and a virtual training studio. The space also houses the administrative and office space required to support all aspects of our salesperson and technician training.

With a staff of 20 professional trainers and developers, SMP presently provides five different technician and salesperson training programs. Standard® Pro-Training On-Site comes to technicians, delivering world-class training at a convenient location. Pro Training Live-Virtual offers interactive virtual sessions for ease of access, while Pro-Training On-Demand features a full library of training sessions to fit any busy schedule. Standard’s Masters Series is held in Texas, inviting technicians to train hands-on at our state-of-the-art training center. Finally, Power Hour offers technicians free training on their lunch breaks, to build on existing knowledge and train for success.

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