Greenville, SC

Manufacturing - Vehicle Control & Engineered Solutions

Greenville, SC

SMP's large, state-of-the-art Greenville facility engineers and manufactures an array of precision components for distribution to traditional aftermarket and specialty vehicle markets.

SMP's 181,000 square-foot Greenville, SC facility offers complete engineering and testing operations along with vertically integrated manufacturing that develops and builds the industry’s finest fuel injectors, diesel injectors and pumps, mechatronic engine control components, and emissions components.

Through these vertically integrated manufacturing initiatives and standardized production processes, our Greenville facility was the first SMP plant to attain its ISO 9001 quality certification.

The state-of-the-art Greenville facility manufactures fuel injectors, idle air control valves, evaporative system integrity modules (ESIM), diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) modules, and diesel pressure regulators, and remanufactures diesel fuel injectors. These products are manufactured for distribution to the traditional aftermarket, original equipment and original equipment service market channels, industrial, marine and heavy-duty markets.

This plant is also responsible for fuel system innovations such as developing and manufacturing both Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Injectors and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which allows an engine to run on compressed natural gas, decreases foreign oil dependency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Throughout our Greenville facility, we make a strong effort to recycle fluids, metals and all other reusable materials with a commitment to recycling all unused scrap parts so they may find a new life elsewhere.

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