Fort Lauderdale, FL

Offices & Distribution Center - Vehicle Control

Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Fort Lauderdale facility uses the most modern inventory management systems and collaborative customer planning for complete inventory control.

Our Fort Lauderdale Vehicle Control Distribution Center is responsible for distributing and packaging Vehicle Control product. The facility is home to our Forecast Trading Corporation/Original Engine Management (OEM) division. It is our secondary Vehicle Control distribution center supporting our Disputanta, Virginia facility, enabling SMP to customize product stock for many smaller customers. Fort Lauderdale is also home to other product categories including filters, emissions, ignitions, switches and miscellaneous electrical products. We distribute brands under Master Pro, Import Direct, ValuCraft and about 20 other smaller private brands that are customer specific. 

This dynamic facility occupies about 60,000 square feet in two side-by-side buildings, serving large and small customers. Approximately 80 employees provide customer service, product management, picking, packing and shipping. The vast space allows the Vehicle Control division to maintain a finished goods inventory and a bulk inventory, featuring efficient PTO and LTO (pack-to-order and label-to-order) systems for many brands.

We utilize a state-of-the-art electronic RF system. Picking efficiency is precisely monitored using voice-directed, hands-free picking technology. Our model involves stocking and packaging for many different brands which are shipped all over North America.

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