Edwardsville, KS

Distribution Center - Vehicle Control (Wire & Cable)

Edwardsville, KS

Our modern pack-to-order system in Edwardsville, Kansas efficiently serves many high-quality wire and cable brands.

Edwardsville, Kansas provides distribution to the Wire and Cable division as well as the ACI® Window Lift division. This 363,000 square-foot facility also houses research and development, design, and engineering for the wire and cable lines.

Our dedicated, on-site packaging department maintains a bulk inventory, so we can operate an efficient pack-to-order system that serves many brands. Knowledgeable engineering and marketing personnel assist our many traditional and retail customers. They are also available to review and quote special market needs, including farm and industrial applications.

The Edwardsville distribution center uses the most modern inventory management systems and collaborative customer planning. It maintains a very tight and accurate forecast-to-demand process providing consistently high fill-rates and rapid order turnaround. Orders are picked utilizing a state-of-the-art voice picking system, and picking efficiency is precisely monitored for accuracy.

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