Disputanta, VA

Distribution Center - Vehicle Control

Disputanta, VA

Our large and efficient Vehicle Control Distribution Center consistently delivers our high-quality products accurately and on time.

Most of our Vehicle Control supply is shipped from the SMP distribution facility in Disputanta, Virginia. The facility averages an impressive $3.2 million and 45,000 lines per day, providing significant distribution capabilities for SMP.

Our Virginia distribution facility occupies more than 400,000 square feet under one roof and includes our dedicated, on-site packaging department. The space allows the Vehicle Control Division to maintain finished goods and bulk inventory, featuring efficient Pack to Order (PTO) and Label to Order (LTO) systems for a multitude of brands. Orders are picked utilizing a state-of-the-art voice-directed hands-free technology. Picking efficiency is precisely monitored utilizing voice-directed and hands-free picking technology.

Taking advantage of the most modern inventory management systems and collaborative customer planning, the Virginia distribution center maintains a very accurate demand forecast providing consistently high fill-rates and rapid order turnaround which makes us the best full-line, full-service supplier of premium Vehicle Control products within the industry.


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