Trombetta® is a key brand in SMP’s Engineered Solutions segment, offering custom-engineered products for both on-highway and off-highway applications, in the heavy truck, construction, agricultural, electric vehicle and power sports markets.

The Trombetta® product portfolio focuses on customizable solutions in the power distribution, and electrification and electronics categories. Well-established electromechanical parts such as contactors and voltage regulators; along with advanced electronic components that include various electronic controls and CAN (Controller Area Network) bus-enabled devices, comprise the offering. The majority of Trombetta’s products are powertrain-neutral, and therefore suitable for all vehicle platforms including hybrid and electric applications.

As a leader in the markets it serves, Trombetta® recently received the Waytek Product of the Year Award for its CAN Bus Power Splitters and Control Modules. Recognized not only for product innovation and performance, but for a strong commitment to excellence and customer collaboration; Trombetta® customizable products are the result of advanced engineering coupled with expert, custom manufacturing and rigorous testing.

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