Already a known and respected brand of vehicle control components, BWD®  became part of the SMP family of brands through a strategic acquisition. The BWD® brand offers a full line of quality vehicle control components for gas, diesel, electric and hybrid vehicles. BWD® is recognized by technicians across North America, and is one of the most-respected aftermarket brands in both the U.S. and Canada.

BWD’s extensive product portfolio includes categories such as ADAS Components, Ignition Components, Temperature and Position Sensors, Electronic Throttle Bodies, Crankcase and Evaporative Emission Controls, Turbocharger Kits and related components, TPMS Sensors, Oil Filter Housing Assemblies, and much more covering import and domestic vehicle applications.

BWD’s market strategy includes offering a full line of related parts for critical vehicle categories. For example, in addition to offering an extensive Fuel Injector line, BWD’s program includes Fuel Pumps, Fuel Lines, Fuel Pressure Sensors, Camshaft Followers, Connectors and more. It’s this understanding of technicians’ needs and attention to detail, that has made BWD® a most respected name in the automotive aftermarket.

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