Made to Stand the Test of Time™

Since its introduction, the Blue Streak® brand has been known for premium automotive quality. Always engineered for superior performance and durability, Blue Streak® is the benchmark against which all other aftermarket brands are measured. In a recent Technician Brand Quality survey, Blue Streak® and Standard® were considered the top-rated aftermarket brands; unsurpassed for quality, performance, and service life.

Blue Streak® is committed to exceeding technicians expectations across a variety of key categories. Heavier-Duty Ignition Coils and Variable Valve Timing components include numerous design improvements over the original. Other categories like Blower Motor Resistors, Camshaft Sensors and Knock Sensors are delivered as pre-packaged service kits, providing the technician with everything they need for a complete repair.

Meticulous engineering, rigorous testing, and expert manufacturing result in higher-quality products with superior design and performance – that’s the Blue Streak® legacy.

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