TechSmart Wants Technicians to Discover Evolution of Parts

TechSmart Wants Technicians to Discover Evolution of Parts

What do dolphins, tortoises, and giraffes have to do with the automotive aftermarket? They’re all featured in TechSmart’s latest marketing campaign, “The Evolution of Parts”.

The campaign was designed to showcase TechSmart’s propensity for engineering problem-solving products for professional technicians. In many cases, the products even improve upon OE flaws.

For the campaign, TechSmart selected eight products that are pushing the aftermarket forward and paired them with animals that have similarly evolved characteristics. For example, the brand’s rewired Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) was paired with the highly intelligent dolphin. Its Shift Interlock Lever, which is made from anodized steel, was paired with the armadillo.

The interplay between the parts and animals created a series of engaging banner, skyscraper, and box ads for the web. Adding to the engagement, the full-page print ads included a TechSmart story about the part and a fun fact about the animal (Did you know starfish could regenerate lost limbs?).

The purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness for the evolution of auto parts happening at TechSmart. To discover the evolution for yourself, look for the ads in national print publications and on web pages or visit the Evolution of Parts page on TechSmart’s newly redesigned website.