TechSmart® Mystery Shopper Promotion Hits the Streets

TechSmart<sup>®</sup> Mystery Shopper Promotion Hits the Streets

Standard Motor Products, Inc. kicked-off the TechSmart® Mystery Shopper promotion for the summer 2013. The program will reward loyal TechSmart® counterpersons while simultaneously raising brand awareness.

The TechSmart® Mystery Shoppers will visit TechSmart® distributors across the country and anonymously ask counterpersons to recommend a part based on one of several scenarios. If the counterperson recommends TechSmart®, they win a $25 gift card.

Phil Hutchens the Vice President Engine Management Marketing at SMP® spoke about the promotion. “TechSmart® is fast becoming recognized for its innovation, engineering expertise, and superior product quality. This promotion is one way to raise awareness of TechSmart® at the counter and to reward our many supporters.”

In addition to the in-store Mystery Shopper visits, this promotion is supported by digital advertising in national e-publications, in extensive social media interaction and through Mystery Shopper backroom posters.

The TechSmart® line currently includes electronic throttle bodies, HVAC blend door motors and actuators, park assist sensors, keyless entry transmitters, headlight adjustment motors and level sensors, battery current sensors, variable valve timing components, HID xenon headlight ballasts, advanced TPMS service tools, DISA valve and numerous other repair kits and more. TechSmart® products will continue to complement our basic SMP® core business.