SMP® Temperature Control Division Enhances Safety Program

SMP<sup>®</sup> Temperature Control Division Enhances Safety Program

In early 2013, Four Seasons management team decided to enhance their existing safety program and pilot a unique approach to safety training by partnering with Eric Svendsen and his company, Safety BUILT—IN.

The program “From Compliance to Culture” consists of extensive classroom training for all employees at every level in order to begin changing how people think about safety and its importance in every phase of their lives.

The initial response to the training has been overwhelmingly positive and the team is now moving into the second phase of the program to further develop safety-leadership skills of frontline employees. The overarching goal of combining Safety BUILT—IN with TCD’s current program is to help employees build a sense of ownership for safety and provide increased opportunities for the team to build an effective, sustainable safety culture at Four Seasons.

Frontline employees are learning how to lead safety meetings and how to coach each other on improvements to their safety-leadership abilities. This effort has increased awareness and effectively connected safety to core values. The result is employees who are coming to understand that safety is much more than a regulation we follow and enforce—it’s a culture to lead and live.