SMP Manager Featured in Aftermarket Newsletter

Joe Donnagio, SMP’s TechSmart® Product Manager based in Long Island City, was recently the focus of an article published in the The Greensheet, an Aftermarket Industry newsletter. Donaggio was commended by Gary A. Molinaro, Publisher, as being “the essence of passion, commitment, energy and self-confidence – everything we need now and into the future in this business.”

In his article, “Perspective: Future of Industry Comes Into Focus,” Molinaro describes the impression that he had of Donaggio when the two met while sharing a table during the Northwood University Automotive Aftermarket Management Education Awards luncheon. As he details in the article, Molinaro was impressed with the accomplishments that Donaggio humbly mentioned in conversation, and even more impressed with the time that Donaggio spent speaking with current Northwood students about the industry. He described Donaggio as “a leader, the kind of person that commanded attention…through strength, knowledge, and a sincere willingness to help others,” and concluded by saying that meeting Donaggio made him optimistic about the future leadership of the industry.

SMP® also commends Joe on representing not only himself so well, but also the company and our industry.