SMP Launches the Intermotor® Import Line

For decades Intermotor® has been a trusted international import brand, specializing in premium quality engine management parts for import vehicles. Now, SMP® is proud to make this world renowned, import brand available in the United States for the first time.

“Genuine Intermotor® is here in the States to help our customers address their import needs in this complex and competitive market segment,” said Matt Buchholz, Marketing Manager.  “As the import segment has grown, SMP® has adapted to the changing market needs. Intermotor® has built its reputation as a reliable brand of genuine import parts that are unrivalled for quality, original fit, form and function, as well as coverage. The combination of SMP’s resources and the highly regarded Intermotor® brand name will have a positive impact on our customers’ import business. The world’s best engine management parts for imports are now available in America.”

SMP® has positioned this new line of Intermotor® brand parts in the United States as a broad engine management line that includes ignition and electrical, relays, switches and sensors with a concentration on high technology categories such as computerized engine controls, fuel injection, and emission controls.

Backed by a national advertising campaign, the Intermotor® merchandising kit is comprised of full-color poster, indoor/outdoor banner, English and Spanish countermat, coverage brochure, pinpoint cards, ad reprints plus leave-behinds including Intermotor pens, post-it notes, can cooler and a deck of genuine Intermotor playing cards.

“In today’s global and ever-growing, complex aftermarket, professional technicians can trust that the Intermotor® brand provides a genuine import part in every box,” said Buchholz. “We are combining our strengths to exceed our customers’ import needs – SMP® and Intermotor® together.”