New TechSmart® Tech Session Video

New TechSmart<sup>®</sup> Tech Session Video

A new TechSmart® Tech Session video featuring the TechSmart® PMD Relocation Kit (S39001) was recently made available through the TechSmart® YouTube Channel.

This new video demonstrates how the TechSmart® PMD Relocation Kit presents a real-life solution to the problem found in many GM 6.5L diesel engines. The unique TechSmart® solution improves the PMD performance and extends its service life by allowing technicians to relocate the PMD anywhere they choose in the engine bay minimizing exposure to the harsh engine operating temperatures and prolonging the module service life.

“Here’s another TechSmart® solution,” said Phil Hutchens, the Senior Director of marketing. He continued, “We include everything in our kit that technicians need to solve this problem, such as a brand new PMD module, relocation harness, aluminum heat sink, mounting hardware, and a no.9 resistor for exceptional performance.”

If you want to learn more, the Tech Session video series is available for viewing on the TechSmart® YouTube channel,, as well as on by clicking on the video channel button.