Four Seasons Division Honored with “Most Innovative New Product”

Four Seasons Division Honored with “Most Innovative New Product”

Standard Motor Products announced that its premium temperature control brand, Four Seasons, was recently honored with the “Most Innovative New Product” award for its Deslugger compressor clutch timer during the 2014 Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide Training Event and Trade Show.

Judged by a panel comprised of the motor press in attendance at the show, the products submitted were examined in three categories: Most Innovative New Product, Best Use of Technology in a New Product, and Most Service Friendly New Product. This year the MACS Training Event and Trade Show showcased a total of 18 new mobile A/C and engine cooling product.

Mike Carney, Vice President Temperature Control Division, SMP® had this to say, “Receiving the ‘Most Innovative New Product’ award from MACS is a tremendous honor for Four Seasons. This is a prestigious award and having our industry’s technical experts acknowledge our new product, which will alleviate problems associated with the original equipment parts, gives our entire team great pride.”

Carney added, “The Deslugger compressor cycle timer was developed in-house and championed by one of our tenured and innovative product specialists, Rick Dull. Rick’s product expertise and commitment to solving customer problems underscore our commitment to being the aftermarket leader in air conditioning products.”

The innovative Deslugger cycle timer utilizes a problem-solving design that prevents slugging in low-mounted compressors after the vehicle sits idle for 30 minutes or longer. When the vehicle is next started, the Deslugger cycle timer gradually pushes oil or liquid refrigerant out of the compressor before it fully engages, lessoning the possibility of a catastrophic system failure.

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