Ford Sensor Added to Standard® Clone-able TPMS Line

Ford Sensor Added to Standard<sup>®</sup> Clone-able TPMS Line

Standard Motor Products, Inc. is proud to announce they recently added the popular Ford-banded style TPMS sensor to its growing line of Clone-able TPMS sensors. This new Clone-able sensor matches the original part for fit, form and function; and due to its advanced engineering, it can easily be cloned with the existing sensor ID, eliminating the need for a factory relearn. TheStandard® TPM23A covers Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Mazda, 2005 through 2011.

“Standard and Intermotor® Clone-able TPMS sensors represent what we believe to be the best in TPMS technology,” said Phil Hutchens, SMP’s Senior Director of Marketing. He continued, “These advanced TPMS sensors are cloned in less than a minute simply by entering the sensor ID into the TechSmart T55000 Cloning tool. This eliminates the need for a factory-relearn process. Technicians have the best of both worlds – a TPMS sensor that matches the original and time-saving installation.”

As a leader in TPMS technology, SMP® continues to provide real clarity in this key growth category, providing more than 98 percent full-line VIO coverage.