Reynosa, Mexico

Manufacturing - Engine, Temp, Wire & Cable

Engine Management Manufacturing

Every SMP product undergoes a comprehensive QC regimen that includes extensive computer-controlled tests.

Our engine management division in Reynosa, Mexico, also known as Engine Management de Mexico, produces and distributes manufactured switches, sensors, ignition components and more to original equipment and original equipment service market channels as well as to the traditional aftermarket, industrial, marine and heavy-duty markets. In particular the plant produces emission controls, EGR valves, IACs, transmission temperature senders, cam/crank sensors, molding caps and rotors, points and condensers, fuel pressure regulators, oil pressure sensors and moldings. Our facility is ISO 9001-2015 certified and has received numerous awards and recognition for its quality delivery systems.

In this 147,000 square foot facility, SMP produces and manufactures a wide variety of automotive electronics, emission controls, electromechanical components, camshaft and crankshaft sensors, distributor caps and rotors, oil pressure senders and many other ignition components.

We make a concerted effort to recycle metals, plastics and any other reusable materials. Here at SMP Engine Management de Mexico all injection molding plastic by-products are ground up and fed proportionately back into the molding process. Copper, brass and other recyclable materials, such as corrugated materials, are separated and collected for recycling.

Temperature Control Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art facility allows for complete control of the manufacturing process from core inspection through packaged product.

A part of the Temperature Control Division of SMP, our 100,000 square foot Reynosa, Mexico facility manufactures and distributes a complete line of replacement climate control products specializing in the remanufacturing of import and domestic automotive air compressors. Lines manufactured in the Reynosa facility including Four Seasons, Hayden, ACI, Maxair and CompressorWorks. The Reynosa facility is ISO 9001 certified.

Undergoing strict quality control processes, all parts are factory tested. Cores are inspected, pre-qualified and processed in a pre-wash. There are numerous wash and inspection stages before the core is re-qualified and moved to the assembly stage. After assembly, the unit must pass four quality tests in order to move forward — the function test, vacuum test, pressure test and the leak check tank. Only then can the product move forward to the final wash and pulley installation. Inspectors randomly sample and pull finished compressors from the paint line to run them on a durability test for at least 21 hours before the product can be shipped.

SMP Temperature Control Division, Reynosa makes a concerted effort to recycle metals, fluids and all other reusable materials. Even coolant is reused after it has been filtered, and water is treated. As a result of these and other initiatives, Four Seasons holds the ISO 14001 certification of environmental management.

Wire and Cable Manufacturing

The SMP wire and cable facility in Reynosa, Mexico specializes in manufacturing and assembling ignition wires and custom packing for varied and extensive distribution.

In our 175,000 square ft., IATF 16949 and ISO 9001-certified, high-volume facility, the entire process, from raw material through custom packaging, is under strict quality control. At the wire set assembly stage, ignition wires are cut to length from reels of SMP’s own manufactured cable. Our cable is manufactured with automated wire manufacturing equipment that utilizes a vertically integrated production process that includes custom silicone compounding, multi-core fabrication, inner jacketing, braiding and continuous vulcanization outer jacketing. The assembly process includes all phases of production from cutting and stripping to terminating, booting and thorough testing.

We terminate and boot wires to desired specifications and package accordingly. Extensive testing includes: SAE and ISO 3808 performance tests, customer specific tests, product performance verification, product benchmarking and a complete battery of silicone compound testing.

In our Reynosa plant and others like it across the globe, a strong effort is made to recycle fluids, metals and all other reusable materials. Nearly 95% of all bi-product is recycled and reclaimed for use in additional industrial applications.