Kichheim unter Teck, Germany

Engineering, Sales, Distribution - Stabil

Kichheim unter Teck, Germany

The Stabil facility, located in Germany, brings expertise and proven abilities to deliver differentiated, high-quality products that complement SMP. 

This 28,000 sq. ft. Kirchheim unter Teck facility, located in heart of the German automotive region around Stuttgart, became part of SMP® with our 2021 acquisition of Stabil. This plant is dedicated to the highest quality engineering, product development, sales and distribution of engine management and other auxiliary automotive parts. The majority of products manufactured at our Stabil Hungary plant are shipped from this location.

All parts at our Kirchheim unter Teck facility are engineered to the highest quality original equipment and original equipment service standards. Our unique capabilities allow us to also serve a variety of non-traditional markets like agricultural, industrial, commercial and heavy equipment, as well as passenger vehicles markets.

This IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified facility provides basic product design for switches and sensors including speed, position, temperature and level — many of these being smart sensors. Additionally, the engineering center is responsible for various electronics, functional modules, high technology plastic parts and connecting elements such as clamps.

Taking advantage of the most modern inventory management systems and collaborative customer planning, our Stabil distribution center maintains accurate demand forecasting to deliver consistently high fill-rates and rapid order turnaround to all locations throughout Europe.