Glinde, Germany

Distribution & Sales - Temp Control (KADE TRADING)

Glinde, Germany

Glinde, Germany is home to KADE TRADING, our sales office and supply chain hub for SMP Temperature Control business in Europe.

To efficiently serve the European automotive temperature control market, SMP acquired KADE TRADING GmbH. KADE TRADING is responsible for OE and IAM sales to A/C system manufacturers and renowned vehicle manufacturers from HD trucks, buses, building and construction machinery, cranes and as well agricultural machinery.

Products include air conditioning accumulators, filter driers, hose assemblies, switches, belt drive and electric compressors for original equipment (OE) and original equipment service (OES) markets as well as the automotive aftermarket (IAM). Growing markets include electric compressors for electric vehicles.

KADE TRADING services the customers from the early development stage, through prototypes, and into the serial production.