Standard Motor Products (SMP) strives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our policies and practices because we believe an equitable environment of diverse people, working together, aids our success. A single person or a singular mindset cannot sustain a global operation such as SMP.

Who we are.

At SMP, a culture of diversity has always been the force that drives us forward. Our foundation was built upon the legacy of diverse individuals with an unwavering commitment to an inclusive workplace. We will continue this legacy by fostering the creative, innovative and unique ideas of our employees, which allows them to excel.

What we do.

We are building a fluid and comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) strategy as a roadmap for the collective success of all our stakeholders from every background.

How we do it.

We achieve our DE&I goals by listening, engaging and creating an environment where each employee feels valued and empowered, through the intentional promotion of policies and practices that fosters a rewarding work-life environment for our employee-family.

Inclusion means everyone.

We achieve our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals by supporting a workforce where each employee feels valued, empowered, and fully engaged in their work. We are developing a comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy as a roadmap for our collective success. These measures include the formation of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce, which works to devise strategies for training, education, and empowerment of employees as well as recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce. Concrete actions include in-depth reviews of hiring practices and affirmative outreach to ensure proper applicant flow from communities of color and women.

Do you have what it takes to become an Inclusive Champion?

Do you have what it takes to become an Inclusive Champion?

The journey to sustainable, organizational inclusion starts from within...

Individually, each of us must be willing to commit, both publicly and privately, to make inclusion a personal priority in our decision making character.  Once we’ve made the commitment to becoming an Inclusion Champion, and made it a personal priority, we need to begin being intentional about what inclusion actually looks like.  Operating in this mindset will equip us to start thinking and leading inclusively.

So what does inclusion look like?!?!  Most research agrees that Inclusion Champions tend to share six (6) behavioral traits that not only promotes diversity, but also cultivates a work environment that allows everyone to thrive. View the image above to learn what those six traits are.

Core Values and Behaviors: I am DRIVEN

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Innovative Values-Centered Leader



Are you DRIVEN?

SMP Recipe & Cook Book

Bringing family, culture & tradition to your table

SMP Recipe & Cook Book

The current and expanding diversity of our employee base throughout SMP continues to fuel our growth and creativity. As a result, the committee believes that sharing family recipes, traditions and culture will be a perfect way to highlight and celebrate our developing organization.


DEI Employee Spotlight

Periodically, SMP will be spotlighting members of our diverse family.
Please meet Kevin Oliver, Product Manager.

DEI Employee Spotlight

Having spent time living in the south and on both sides of the U.S. Coasts, I’ve developed a keen awareness of cultural nuances.  This perspective has allowed me to have a unique vantage that’s enabled me to navigate many circles of communities in my personal and professional life.

During my now decade-long tenure with SMP, I’ve gone from an independent contributor - Territory Salesperson, to an in-house, team-driven Product Manager.  In doing so, I’ve found myself relocating once again, this time with my young family, from Delaware to Connecticut.  Without hesitation in my new surroundings, I quickly sought to immerse myself in a broad array of the town’s affairs; from the school system where my kids attend, to the local art, technology, food and music scenes --- all the way to the political arena.  Eventually, culminating in my board appointment to the Easton Connecticut Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.  The members of the task force are charged with advocating, advising and being a dedicated resource for town leaders and citizens alike and to learn how to recognize and mitigate the effects of implicit bias within the city limits and beyond.

I’m proud to work for a company that has always embraced the core values of DEI and has measured the success of that journey not just in single achievements, but rather by the collective, intentional efforts of our employee-family.  Every day I look forward in bringing my best self to work and making a positive contribution.   SMP has given me the opportunity to grow, thrive and care for my family and for that I’m very grateful.

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DEI 'Thought of the Week'

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