Corporate Message

As we celebrate more than 100 years in business, we reflect back on what got us to where we are today. Our founders had the foresight to enter this wonderful industry with a strong set of corporate values centered on taking care of the customer, and to do so with the utmost integrity.

While the industry has evolved over the past century, SMP’s philosophy has not. We remain an automotive aftermarket leader by steadfastly living up to our reputation for extraordinary customer focus, top quality products and services, and continued investment in our future.

In this highly competitive industry, we owe our sustained success both to the commitment of our talented employees as well as to our loyal customers. SMP employees understand the importance of maintaining the highest-level of quality in every aspect of what we do. Our customers recognize SMP’s sincere commitment to being the best in service, quality, innovation and integrity.

We are proud of what we have accomplished, and we see great opportunities in our future growth and development. But we recognize that we cannot take anything for granted. We are committed to entering our centennial with the same determination and ingenuity that has made SMP the automotive market leader that it is today.

Thank You For a Century of Excellence.

Eric P. Sills
Director, Chief Executive Officer & President